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The most personalised holiday afloat available today is chartering aboard a fully crewed yacht. Each yacht is different, with her own personality, the professional crews lending their own particular blend of panache and flair to the vessel, and the cruising area itself adding spice to the mixture.

Our crews are professional mariners and chefs, the skippers licensed often through the prestigeous and exacting Royal Yachting Association or the US Coast Guard. Our chefs have a natural flair for fine cuisine, but then they have to in order to create the incredible delights that come forth from the seemingly tiny galleys. Many have been trained in fine culinary schools, restaurants or resort hotels. Trading recipes and ideas is a favourite off-charter past time.

The dive masters know the waters and the best places to take you for a variety of underwater experiences. If you have any questions, dreams or desires, just ask us!
We feature yachts for from one couple to 20 guests, each with the fine service and cuisine that one would expect from a five star or all-inclusive resort. While chartering is the ultimate in a pampered honeymoon or wedding anniversary (or even a wedding aboard!), we find families returning year after year, with the crews enjoying the several generations holidaying together and the children sprouting up as much as the guests! Many of our yachts are the perfect platforms for several couples wishing to enjoy what is most often termed, "The best vacation I ever had!"
Of course choosing the right yacht is important too. From sleek motoryachts, modern cutters and sloops to classics schooners, dive-oriented trimarans to the new wave in chartering: catamarans, the entire range of comfort and accommodation are available. And you can join in the operation of the yacht as much or as little as you please. Naturally each yacht features a menu of watersports equipment and activities, and the yachts and their crews are fully insured.
The cruising grounds make the final ingredient in the potion for a magical holiday afloat. From cruising areas where "Western Civilization" is a multi-millennium-old concept, to the unique and wild shores of Central America or tropical Polynesia, we have a charter area for you. Unusual and exotic are our daily fare.

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