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Scuba Diving
Diving is one of the primary reason that people charter. The British Virgin Islands is by far the most popular dive destination for charterers interested in enhancing their sailing with dive opportunities . Many of our fleet of crewed yachts offer diving for certified guests. body.
Typically the captain or 1st mate would be a dive master, able to guide guests on dive expeditions, and occasionally they are dive instructors. In either case, they are experienced individuals that know the area, and are fully insured by their certifying
Likewise, the BVI teems with dive opportunities that fit all degrees of experience (see the dive site map below). While not all of our yachts offer diving, there are shore-based dive firms both in the BVI and down island that compliment the yachts that do not offer diving. And, while not all the dive-yachts carry a dive instructor, the shore-based firms are available for instruction and certification upgrades, as well as Introduction-to-Diving or "resort" courses for those that want to try a taste of diving first. These shore-based firms "rendezvous" with your yacht to take you on the morning's or afternoon's planned dive, or to offer instruction. Your captain will call ahead the day before to see what is on the day's diving menu for shore-side companies in your area.
While the British Virgin Islands is a diving Mecca, the cruising areas down-island (The Leeward Islands and Windward Islands) are not well served by dive-oriented yachts. Sailing divers wishing to take in these areas should plan to charter during the summer months, when many BVI-based yachts venture south for a taste of something new for themselves. Otherwise, the Grenadines and the St. Martin area are well served by "rendezvous" shore-based dive operators.
Charter guests wishing to get dive certified while on charter should plan to begin their dive schooling prior to their charter. This will enable dive student charters to get their four open-water certification dives out of the way, and get on with the fun part of diving! To aid you in your search for a dive yacht, our yachtfinder page lists a section devoted to diving.


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