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Cuisine Aboard
The cuisine aboard charter yachts is exceptional. Many of the chefs working aboard have professional backgrounds, either from the world of restaurants, catering and hotels, or through honing their skills at culinary institution and schools in both the US and Europe. Their style, presentation and flair is not only a matter of pride and artistry, the very essence of the charter seems to revolve around the creativity emerging from the galley. Indeed, while sampling the local cuisine styles ashore on the many Caribbean islands is a treat, we hear so often that the guests simply could not bring themselves to part from their chef!
Each chef tailors his or her individual menus to the desires of the charter party. In order to gage the likes and dislikes of guests after confirming their charter, Yacht Connections provides what is called a Preference Form, on which the members of the charter party indicate amongst other items, a sampling of their favourite dishes, their style preferences (Italian, Mexican, French...), and dislikes (Brussels sprouts, Liver, Broccoli...), as well as any particular dietary do's, don't's and allergies. Filling out the Preference Form is of course that fun chance for the charter guests to get together for their own cocktails or bar-b-que, prior to embarking. It certainly heightens the anticipation of the forthcoming holiday.
For charters in the Greek Isles and along the coast of Turkey, guests do typically dine ashore in the evenings, sampling not only the native cuisine, but the local colour and the "taverna lifestyle".


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