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Charter Choice
Choosing the yacht you'd like to charter can be both fun and difficult! Motoryacht? Catamaran? Classic or Traditional? Sleek thoroughbred? The options are so broad ranging, and so many beautiful vessels, located in so many fantastic and exotic settings! If you are an experienced sailor or yachtsman, you may already know what type of yacht you'd like to charter.
Or it could be that this is your opportunity to try something new, such as that catamaran about which you've been hearing so much. Some items to keep in mind when checking our YachtFinder for the perfect fully crewed charter yacht for your charter party...
When comparing motoryachts and sailing yachts, remember that the wind is free, while fuel is quite costly for the motoryachts. Is air conditioning important to you? Many of the sailing yachts and the catamarans are air conditioned, while all the motoryachts are air conditioned.
Chartering with children? You may prefer a yacht with a more spacious cockpit area. Please don't hesitate to e-mail us with any concerns you may have regarding chartering with the family. Generally, the kids really go for this vacation, and can't wait to return!


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